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Print & Presentation Design

Yes, you read right: “presentation design.” No, that’s not an oxymoron. A lot of people, designers included, avoid this like the plague because Powerpoint (and Apple’s Keynote, for that matter) is nearly impossible to use without succumbing to the urge to throw your monitor out the window.

The fact is, with a little patience, some creative problem solving, and a lot of (wo)man hours put toward learning the “ins and outs” (read: “incredibly unintuitive interface”), it is possible to create beautiful presentations that engage the audience, instead of making them want to slink out of their chair and out the back door.

InsideView is a company that focuses not only on delighting and exceeding the expectations of their customers, but of their employees, as well. Together, we’ve created dozens of presentations, each of which incorporated a strong sense of humor, a prioritization of strong design, best practices in presentation delivery, as well as some surprises and Easter eggs.

Bottom line: if you want to deliver this year’s financial report to 300 people in a dark, 80-degree room at 8am, you better bring a killer presentation. If you don’t want to lose your mind creating it, shoot me an email.