Heather Shaw | Asana Poster Design





Poster Design

During an internal exercise to reestablish and envigorate the internal perception of the company’s identity, Asana’s design leadership decided to surprise fellow employees by having a series of posters created and installed while they were off for the holidays. I worked with the creative director to design two interpretations of an outdoor adventure–themed concept, representing the six fundamental attributes the company had recently established.

The concept was derived from one of the company’s brand assets, the hexagon. Used in tandom with an intriguing mash-up of industrial and natural fiber elements in their physical office space, the hexagon reminded me of camping and outdoor activity symbols, and the patches boyscouts receive when they learn a new skill.

To add life and sophistication to the design I integrated a weathered but vibrant color scheme that complemented outdoor photography relevant to the attributes.

The first concept was a wide 48” by 13” poster incorporating all six attributes. The second was a set of six 16” x 20” posters to be hung in succession.